Our company’s purpose is about the one thing we love the most:

"Cultivating relationships And EXPERIENCES through the Fanatic Pursuit of ENLIGHTENED Hospitality"

This is our soul and what drives us to our core. It’s what drives our team. It’s the “why” behind how and what we do.


General Manager

Hunter, a seasoned hospitality professional from Birmingham, Michigan, brings nine years of industry experience to the table. She started her career at Rojo, where she served for five years before the closure of the establishment. Three years ago, Hunter joined Heirloom Hospitality and quickly moved up the ranks from server to her current position at Townhouse Birmingham. Hunter’s unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction drives her to provide memorable experiences for every visitor. Outside of work, she cherishes the time spent with her family, particularly her two nieces, who hold a special place in her heart. As a warm and guest-oriented individual dedicated to exceptional service, Hunter has made a significant impact on the local community. With her genuine care and talent, she continues to elevate the standards of hospitality at Townhouse Birmingham and beyond.


Culinary Manager

Jennifer is an experienced manager and leader with 34 years of leadership in the culinary industry. Her passion for cooking began at her grandmother’s side, learning the value of fresh ingredients and homemade meals. She remains steadfast in her pursuit of continuous learning and experimentation, perpetuating her deep-rooted passion for cooking that originated from her grandmother. After a break working as a deckhand in Alaska, Jennifer developed a deep commitment to sustainable and ethical food production. For the past 25 years, she has honed her skills as a chef and leader. With experience in catering, event planning, and festivals, Jennifer’s expertise is diverse. As a culinary manager, she oversees menu development, food preparation, staff training, and inventory management. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to excellence have earned her the respect of her colleagues.


Sous Chef

Delshawn originates from Detroit and embarked upon his professional journey a decade and a year ago in the role of a dishwasher. His meticulousness and adeptness in leadership have facilitated his rapid ascension within the realm of culinary arts. This trajectory led him to embrace his fervor for gastronomy and the art of hospitality. Leveraging his deep affiliations with European and West African communities, Delshawn has ingeniously infused his expertise in vegan, made-from-scratch culinary endeavors, thereby curating distinctive and healthful epicurean offerings for a diverse clientele. Beyond his vocational pursuits, Delshawn savors quality time with his family, engages in the conceptualization of novel culinary creations, and participates in a multitude of sporting events.